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The Family Officer manages a process that gives our families clarity on what they want their financial house to look like… a written action plan or “blue print” for what must be done to create the financial house they want… put it in order… and keep it in order for the rest of their life. The Family Officer orchestrates a team of experts to ensure their families are making smart choices about money… and living the Smart Money Experience®.

Tyler Talman

Tyler Talman serves as president of Carrington Wealth Advisors where he serves CWA families as their Family Officer™. Tyler began his financial services career in 2008 where he helped financial advisors implement family office deliverables through the Smart Money Experience™. Tyler has served in a variety of roles within the Financial Services Industry including marketing, back office operations, and business development. In addition to his role at CWA Tyler serves as a Regional VP for Regal Financial Group, where he supervises a group of SME™ family offices across the U.S.

Tyler’s goal is to create an experience for CWA family’s that is different than what they typically experience in today’s marketplace. His passion is to help people make smart choices about money so they can achieve their goals, fulfill their purpose and live great lives. To do that, Tyler orchestrates a team of experts who deliver on the CWA service promise. His purpose is to be an advocate and gatekeeper for his families… to filter out the noise and ensure that their interests always come first.

Tyler earned a Bachelor of Science in Business & Communications from Texas Christian University where he served as President of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. He has an enthusiasm for helping others and serves various non-profit organizations. He has three brothers, 2 beautiful nieces, a handsome nephew and he currently lives in Downtown Dallas.

Tyler’s passion has always been to help others… whether it is a member of his family, and old or new friend, or one of his client families… he has found that most of the time, what they want most is for someone to calm down and just listen to them… to have a genuine interest in them. They want a true “go to” that they can trust who will take a moment to stop what they are doing and really listen to hear what’s on their mind. Nothing is more satisfying to Tyler than to help families overcome challenges to achieve their goals. He finds great satisfaction in helping them get resolution on an issue that has meaningful long-term impact on their lives… and gives them peace of mind.


Kyle Watkins

Kyle Watkins serves as a Family Officer™ with Carrington Wealth Advisors. Kyle’s passion is to have a meaningful impact in the lives of families where he facilitates crucial conversations and helps them get definition around important goals that require money and planning. Kyle joined the CWA Team because he shares the vision of CWA to serve families in meaningful ways with transparency in his compensation that discloses and reduces possible conflicts of interest. He sources a network of experts to provide unbiased advice and help families make smart choices about money.

Kyle grew up in the Oklahoma City area and is a big Thunder fan. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma where he earned a degree in Economics and was a member of the university Rugby Club. Upon graduation, he served as a High School Teacher and Football Coach before entering the financial services industry in 2012.

Kyle is committed to excellence and has been recognized for his achievements. He played Big 12 Rugby and earned an All Big 12 Selection. He’s earned prestigious business development awards. He serves on the Board of Stewards at the First United Methodist Church. He has been recognized as a Key Holder of Steer Fort Worth. He serves on the board of the OU Club of Fort Worth and the Junior Membership Committee at Ridglea Country Club.

The lifetime achievement award for which Kyle is most proud, is when he won the heart of his beautiful bride, Whitney Johnson (a state champ in the 100 yard hurdles), when they attended college together at OU… and then again, when she gave him two healthy happy children, Charlotte and Conrad. Kyle’s family is now proud to call Fort Worth home. They enjoy going to church together, going to the zoo, having family cook outs with friends, going to the pool and taking walks in the park.

Tyler Talman, CWA President welcomes the heart, integrity, acumen and spirit of service that Kyle brings to the Carrington Team. “I have known Kyle for more than ten years. I first met him when he was a student at OU and played Rugby with my brother. I have come to appreciate there are some core character traits that Kyle can be trusted for. His competitive and determined commitment to be the best at what he does. His commitment to excellence. His commitment to integrity. His commitment to get win after win for the families he serves. I believe in him. He is a great asset to the families he serves. I’m delighted to have him on the team.” -Tyler Talman


Jason Smith, III

Jason Smith has joined Carrington Wealth Advisors to serve as a Family Officer™. Jason’s passion is to help people overcome obstacles to win in life and achieve their goals. This stems from a birth defect that left Jason with one fully functioning arm. But Jason’s dad didn’t see it as a limitation, and neither did Jason. They practiced throwing and catching a baseball. They did speed drills where Jason would catch the ball, slip off the mitt, grab the ball and throw it back. These are fond boyhood memories Jason has with his father. What changed his world was when it was time to sign up for little league baseball. The league was concerned and tried to direct him to soccer. But Jason’s dad stood firm… he advocated for his son… and got him on the team. Jason remembers it like it was yesterday.

In Jason’s words, “That is the day I learned what it means to be an advocate. To put another person ahead of yourself in an effort to help them achieve success. I cannot imagine how different life would be if he had given in and chosen to accept “no” from strangers, people who did not know me or my true ability. If he had not chosen to be an advocate for me and a coach to ensure I was ready I would not have gone on to play at TCU. And who knows what else I would have not even attempted without a strong advocate. How much might I have limited my own goals.”

Jason started his first business at the age of 8, selling greeting cards door-to-door so that he could buy himself a Nintendo Entertainment System. The satisfaction of reaching that goal ignited his entrepreneurial spirit leading to successful endeavors in industries from manufacturing and snack foods to technology and sports marketing. He co-founded Fix Systems, an IT consulting firm specializing in quick service restaurant technology. Clients such as Taco Bueno, Bone Daddy’s and franchisees of other major restaurants partnered with Fix Systems to design and implement point of sale systems, security systems and loyalty programs. Jason sold his interest to his co-founder to pursue another opportunity.

Arcos was Jason’s next venture, a software development and digital marketing agency. The unique mix of tech, design and marketing strategy garnered numerous awards including 2009 Fort Worth Chamber Small Business of the Year, American Advertising Federation Medals and Fort Worth Business Press 40 Under 40 class of 2009. Jason sold this agency to a regional marketing firm after 8 years in business.

Jason is a TCU Neeley Graduate, where he met his wife Anne-Marie. They have three children, 2 daughters and 1 son. He serves as President of the Board at the Hope Center for Autism, and serves on the Board of the Business Assistance Center Foundation.
Tyler Talman, CWA President welcomes the professionalism and indomitable spirit that Jason brings to the Carrington Team. “I have come to know Jason as a kind gentleman who is gracious in his manner… and a sharp minded business professional who quickly dissects a business model and what makes it work. He is indeed an impassioned advocate and the families he serves will be fortunate to have him. I see him as a valued team mate… and a man without limits. I believe he will go far… and he will take people with him. Jason is an impact player. I am delighted to have him on the team.” -Tyler Talman


The CWA Team is dedicated to creating meaningful relationships where trust, service, and our client families’ quality of life are our top priority. We help families create the blue print for their financial house… help them build that house… and keep it in order for the rest of their life.