OUR TEAMOur Families

What do our families have in common? They lead busy lives and their time is valuable. Their quality of life is important. They want a high probability of achieving their goals. They demand trust and reliability. They expect consistent, high levels of service. They want a Family Officer to orchestrate their financial world with predictable service… and predictable outcomes.

One family we serve left South America due to the rampant lawlessness years ago out of concern that their young daughter could be kidnapped and held for ransom. They came to the United States to start over in a country where laws are enforced and they could feel safe. They retained a business in South America and started a new one in Texas. Their daughter has now finished college and is doing well in her new career. They are now in their sixties and wish to enjoy life. They came to CWA to guide them through the process of putting their estate in order… and guide them through strategic decisions that put their financial house in order so they can feel free to enjoy the rest of their life.

Another family we serve came to Texas in their twenties to make their life and raise their family. They have four sons who have all completed college and are now enjoying success in their respective careers. This family had built and sold a previous business… and is in the process of building another. A series of events severely reduced their current business. Now in their early sixties, they engaged CWA to map out a plan for them to put their estate in order, maximize their current assets and map out a plan for an exit from their current business that will free them to enjoy the rest of their life spending the time they want to with their growing family, sharing life with friends and serving charities.