OUR TEAMPlan Writing

Each family’s Written Financial Action Plan is created by an expert who specializes in doing family assessments… and writing plans. Each family has their personal financial “blue print.” The plan is provided in a written narrative so that it is easy to comprehend… and provides clarity on what needs to be done… and when it needs to be done to give the family the highest probability of achieving their goals.

Edna Haden, CFP®

Edna earned her Certified Financial Planner® designation from the American College. She earned her bachelor of science in Chemical Engineering from Mississippi State University and worked as an engineer for Dow Chemical before changing careers and becoming a CFP®. Edna has the ability to assess a family’s financial position and create a simple, easy to understand, step-by-step action plan that gives them the highest probability of achieving their goals and has written over 1,000 financial action plans. In her free time she likes to read, ride her bike, create jewelry, attend music festivals, and travel. Edna Serves as the Team Expert in financial plan creation for CWA.