Tips to Organically Control Garden Pests

fruitsandveggiesIf you grow a vegetable garden, this time of year it can be crucial to your crops to control the critters that like to devour them. You can control deer and rabbits with a fence, but it’s the smaller pests that can present a problem. Some people like to use chemicals, like Malathion, which work very well, but you wind up eating it because the plants absorb some of the chemicals, so here are some healthier options.

Tomato worms, (aka hornworms), and cabbage worms are two of the biggest predators. Tomato worms will devour your tomatoes, but they don’t eat just one, they take a few bites out of one and then move to the next one spoiling many. A control method for these is simply to find them and pick them from the tomato plants. They are sometimes difficult to spot as they tend to be the same color as the tomato vine, but by carefully inspecting the vines you will find them. With cabbage worms, which attack anything in the cabbage family, (Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli) you can have good success with fairly strong soapy water, and also crushed cayenne pepper and water sprayed on the plants. When using the cayenne pepper shake it well and let it sit in your spray bottle overnight. These solutions wash right off of the vegetables and you are not putting chemicals into your body.